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Whisper Power JR Marine Systems

WhisperPower specialist in the Poole area on behalf of Barrus.

We are able to provide the entire range WhisperPower products across the leisure, commercial and superyacht sectors.

WhisperPower also offer the OctoPower system. This system allows a battery bank fed inverter to replace the standard generator which can be charged using engine alternators, shore power, solar and wind. This is a more efficient and sustainable way of creating power on-board. 

See below to find out what products WhisperPower have available.

JR Marine Systems Whisper Power




battery charging



Supporting UK distributors Barrus, our business firmly believes in preventative maintenance. Our engineers are technically trained in the service, repair and installation of all WhisperPower equipment.

Our workshop facilities at Cobbs Quay Marina are stocked with lots of common service parts and equipment. If we do not have it readily available on the shelf, we are able to get it delivered to our facilities in a short time frame.

WhisperPower's advancing technology of equipment including generators and systems will vastly improve your boating experience. We are also able to design these systems to suit your needs and requirements onboard your vessel.

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