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J.R Marine systems are able to offer sales of the Temo 450, a portable, electric outboard that is smaller than your average vacuum. Temo is suitable for all types of small crafts including dinghies, sailing boats and rowing boats. 

Visit to find out more about the Demo range. Call us on 01202 985271 or email us at for further information and pricing.


Weighing less than 5kg and with a unique design combining motor, battery and control unit, the TEMO·450 is practical and ultra-compact. With its 450W motor and optimised efficiency, the TEMO·450 offers 200W of propulsive power allowing you to propel your boat in up to 3 knots of current. Drawing just 20 cm, it allows you to approach any shoreline and to beach your dinghy without risk of damage. The TEMO·450 is extremely robust and can propel sailing boats up to 500 kg or 2.5m tenders with two or three people on board. Practical and ELECTRIC! With the TEMO·450 you don't need to remove the battery to recharge it. Plug it directly into a 220V or 12V or 24V socket and enjoy one hour of cruising speed.

TEMO.450: The innovative electric powered engine

TEMO.450: The innovative electric powered engine

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