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We believe in change, in any form necessary. The marine industry is rapidly advancing and as regulations change, so does the need for new technology. We are seeing an increasing about of awareness for alternative products and electric boats, all coming in different shapes and sizes accommodating to certain requirements.

We also believe in doing our part to spread awareness of how you can change too. From simple day to day swaps to supporting organisations and campaigns. Working together will ensure that our oceans are cleaner for future generations.

  • Oil spills only account for 12% of oil entering seas every year

  • 1 in 3 fish caught for human consumption now contains traces of plastic

  • 92% of sea grass meadows have been lost

  • Greenhouse gases emitted from fossil fuel are majorly responsible for marine pollution, causing acidification of water

  • Today's seas absorb as much as 25% of all man made carbon emissions changing the pH of surface water

  • About 70% of oxygen we breathe is produced by the oceans

  • More than 5 trillion piece of plastic are already floating in our oceans

  • By 2050  virtually every seabird will be eating plastic

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  • Don’t throw anything overboard

  •  Choose your anchorage with care

  •  Keep your hull and equipment clean

  • Take care when handling fuels, oil and paints

  • Discharge blackwater responsibly

  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products


  • Minimise noise

  • Minimise wash

  • Keep to speed limits

  • Respect voluntary no-anchor and no-access zones

  • Use designated slipways

  •  Reduce – Reuse – Repair – Recycle


  • Observe wildlife from a distance

  • Research your destination to get the most out of your visit

  • Enjoy our amazing inland and marine waters whilst safeguarding wildlife and habitat

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