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J.R Marine systems are pleased to offer sales of the Remoran Wave 3 Hydrogenerator.
If you find yourself running your diesel motor or generator just to top up your batteries, Remoran Wave 3 is the solution for you.

Remoran Side View

Solar, wind and hydro are the main green energy sources for sailors. All have their advantages and disadvantages. Remoran generates power whenever the boat moves, even at night or in cloudy weather (unlike solar panels) and even when sailing with the wind. Optimized for speeds from 3 to 10 knots, even smaller boats will benefit from free energy. Skippers of quicker boats will appreciate their GD-variant with a maximum speed of 20 knots. The rugged construction, tested both in lab and blue waters, ensures Remoran will handle all the stresses of sailing even at higher speeds. Quiet operation, together with their advanced Charger, make sure there will be no problems with overcharging, ensuring Remoran Wave 3 can be used during your entire trip. There is no need to be constantly raising and lowering the generator. Set it and forget it! The quietness of Remoran Wave 3 makes sure you'll not be tempted to turn it off, allowing you to capture 100% of the power available!



For easy storage and a proper fit for different boats.


Up to 40 degrees of range, fits most transoms directly without adapters.


For easy storage and proper fit for different boats

Remoran Charger 300W
The custom intelligent charger is designed to work perfectly together with their generator. The charger is an essential part of an optimally working Remoran Wave 3 installation. It is always included in the sales package.

  • Converts 3-phase AC electricity from the generator to DC voltage suitable for batteries

  • Automatic battery voltage detection (12V/24V)

  • Smart charging with battery maintenance algorithm

  • LED indicators for charging states and error reporting

  • Collects information about the charging process viewable using their mobile app

  • Bluetooth connection to your mobile device

Remoran Charger
Remoran Top View


  • Innovative angle adjustment

  • Telescopic blade

  • Small but sturdy mounting rail

  • Handle for lifting includes snap lock to rail

  • Small form factor for easy storage

  • 3-bladed turbine for all speeds

  • Ergonomic handles

Video courtesy of Remoran's YouTube channel.

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