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Article Number: 60205401 WP-BC Supreme Pro 24 V - 100 A

The Supreme Pro 24 VDC – 100 A is your all-in-one charging solution. Compact and unobtrusive, this battery charger runs cool and quietly, fitting seamlessly into any setup. A ripple-free DC output, perfect for electronic devices that need a non-stop DC power supply of the highest quality. Ultimate solution for fast charging of lithium and lead batteries. For buffer charging, feeding and maintenance charging.


  • Powerful battery charger, suitable for any type of battery
  • CE, UL, DNV & IEC60945 Certificate
  • Ripple free rectifier to operate DC appliances in a direct way
  • 3 separate outputs to charge multiple battery banks
  • Universal single phase input (90 - 265 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz full power)
  • Proven switched mode technology, cool operation, IUoUo charging
  • Parallel use for high power central (DC-UPS) power systems possible


Best choice for AGM, GEL, Lead acid and Lithium


Commercial vessels, yachts, vehicles and industrial installations carry an enormous amount of electrical and electronic devices that require a safe and non-stop power provision. WhisperPower’s Supreme professional battery chargers combine three vital functions. Smooth, ripple free multiple step battery charging, a power supply function to buffer DC appliances in a direct way and a complete alarm and monitoring device for the entire 24 VDC system. All Supreme Pro models are prepared to operate from 90 – 265 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz input and are fitted with three separate outputs.


Standard features

  • Compact, light weight, Aluminum enclosure for bulk head or table top mounting
  • Full functional LCD front display with backlight, ON-OFF switch, read-out selector button Battery monitor operational, at “ON” or “OFF” position
  • Charge protocol selection by dipswitch, USB and laptop, including Lithium
  • Temperature sensor with 12 meter cable and plug
  • Robust AC and DC M8 bold connections to connect 3 separate batteries
  • Conformal coating protection of power module inside
  • Perfectly suitable to back up GMDSS systems
  • 5 years product warranty



  • WhisperTouch 5, 7 or 10 remote panel
  • Analogue remote panels showing “charge status” and “current” control
  • AGM, GEL, Lead acid or Lithium batteries


Suitable to charge any battery


Any battery, either AGM, GEL, Lead acid, traction or Lithium can be connected to the
Supreme Pro. Easy programming by dip switch, USB connect or laptop. Three separate batteries can be connected (1 main, 2 x 6 Amp, all multiple step).


Weight6.6 kg /14.55 lbs
Enclosure type & dimensions (hxwxd in mm)445 x 210 x 145
Enclosure type & dimensions (hxwxd in inch)17.5 x 8.2 x 5.7



Nominal input voltage120/230 V (90-265 V)
Nominal input frequency50/60 Hz (45-65 Hz)
Nominal output voltage24 V
Total charge current100 A @ 28.8 V
Number of battery outlets3
Charge current second output6 A, ±1 A
Charge current third output6 A, ±1 A
Charge characteristicIUoUo, automatic / 3-step for GEL/AGM/wet/lead acid batteries
Charge voltage Bulk (25 ̊C) *28.8 V
Charge voltage Absorption (25 ̊C) *28.5 V
Charge voltage Float (25 ̊C) *26.5 V
Max. Absobtion time *4 hours
Max. Bulk time (start @ 13.25/26.5V) *8 hours
Min. Absorption time *15 min.
Battery capacity (recommendation)400-1500 Ah
Temperature compensationBy BTS-Battery temperature sensor, standard supply



Power factor (cos phi)_> 0.97
Full load consumption (230VAC)3375 VA
Voltage compensationYes, automatic
DC consumption with connected battery< 5 mA
Temperature range-25 to +60 ̊C / -13 to 140 ̊F, above 40 ̊C derating
CoolingVario fan and natural cooling to ensure optimized cooling
Sound level< 55dBA @ 1 m
Protection degreeIP23
Optional- Remote panel WP-SCC with current adjust- Touch panel 5, 7 or 10 inch

WhisperPower Supreme Pro 24 VDC – 100 A

SKU: WP-60205401
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