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Article Number: 60203003 AC PowerCube 24 / 4000

The AC PowerCube 24 / 4000 is a professional inverter suitable for continuous operation even under extreme conditions. The AC PowerCube 24 / 4000 makes it possible to switch off the diesel generator for longer periods of time and provide the entire onboard installation with power including, for example, air conditioning, kitchen and refrigeration equipment. As a result, there is less fuel consumption, less noise disruption and fewer running hours for the generator.


  • Industrial electronics based on high frequency switched mode technology
  • Quiet and environmentally friendly
  • As a result, high efficiency (>92%) and a minimum of powerloss
  • Significant cost savings from reduced fuel consumption
  • Great high efficiency = minimal cooling required (cool running)
  • Fan cooled, resistant to high ambient temperatures
  • No ripple effect from AC to battery, with as a result, a stable DC network


Nominal output voltage230 V (±5%), Phase, Neutral, Earth *)
Nominal output frequency (adjustable to 60 HZ)50 Hz (± 0,01 Hz)
Nominal battery voltage24 VDC
Nominal power P30 (cos phi = 1) (30 min at 40°C)4000 W
Peak power (20 s)7000 W
Continuous power (cos phi = 1) (40°C)3000 W
AC connection (output)Internal terminal block, screw terminal (4 .. 6 mm2)
DC connection2 × M10
Minimum capacity of battery bank260 Ah
Efficiency> 85%
Peak efficiency> 92%
Dimensions(W x D x H-mm)334 × 195 × 575
Weight13 kg
Noise level (at 1m)< 48 dBA
OperationPower switch (on / off / remote), the DC inputs (on / off), Remote panel switch (On / Off) *
IndicatorsAC present, DC 1 present, DC (1) load, DC 2 present, DC (2) load, AC current, AC voltage
SafetyShort circuit, overload, overheating, battery voltage too low / high



TechnologySix-step multiphase flyback, Switched mode technology
Low battery switch off20 V (±0.5 V)
Low battery switch on22 V (±0.5 V)
High battery switch off32 V (±0.5 V)
High battery switch on30 V (±0.5 V)
Maximum ripple on DC (battery)5% RMS
Input current (nominal load)200 A
Consumption (no load)<300 mA, 6 W
Total harmonic distortion (THD)< 5% (normal)
Allowable power factor0 <cos phi <1



Ambient operating temperature-20°C .. 40°C
Storage temperature-25°C .. 80°C (derating above 40 °C)
Relative humidityMax 95%, non-condensing
International Protection ratingIP23
CoolingNatural / forced



EU DirectiveEMC Directive 2004/108 / EC, EMC 2004/104 / EC (automotive), Low Voltage Directive 2006/95 / EC
StandardsEN 55022 (emission) EN 61000-3-2 (harmonic distortion), EN 61000-4-11, EN 61000-3-3 (voltage variations), EN 61000-6-2 A (immunity) and EN 60950-1 (safety ) AND 68-2-6 (vibration), EN 60945 (navigation and radio communications), UL 458


WhisperPower AC PowerCube 24 / 4000

SKU: WP-60203003
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