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  • Ideal for yachts with an operating speed between 3-12 knots

  • Light weight at just 7.5Kg

  • Up to 40 degrees of adjustment

  • 2 year warranty


Power Without Emissions Or Noise

The Remoran 3GS can generate up to 300W at 10 knots allowing you to produce power as you sail without any emissions or noise.


Generate Power When Other Solutions Can’t

Unlike solar panels the Remoran 3GS will produce power even when at night or when it’s cloudy. In addition, you can also generate power when sailing with the wind unlike a wind turbine.


Freedom To Explore

The Remoran 3GS gives you the freedom to sail to any destination while you produce your own power for overnight stays.


What's Included In The Box?

The Remoran Wave 3GS Hydrogenerator is supplied as a comprehensive package containing all of the items that you’ll need for installation.


  • Remoran Wave 3GS outboard unit with fixed cable (2m), female connector and cap

  • Remoran Charger 300W

  • Generator cable 2m with male connector and cap

  • Mounting rail

  • Mounting accessories kit

  • Ferrite filter

  • Mounting instructions

Remoran Wave 3GS Hydrogenerator

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