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Experience unrivaled energy with the PerlaNera.

Perla Nera

Step into a world of reliability and limitless power with the extraordinary PerlaNera Series - An exquisite inverter that defies the extremes and delivers flawlessness in performance. At PowerLuxe, we take pride in presenting a cutting-edge solution for all your energy storage needs.

How it works

Performance Characteristics

With unmatched reliability, the PERLA NERA Series power inverter operates flawlessly even under the most extreme conditions. Embrace the assurance of round-the-clock power, ensuring you stay connected no matter what the circumstances. Unyielding performance in 50°C high temperature. Our standout innovation thrives in the scorching heat, providing you with an unwavering power supply for your boat, RV, camper van, caravan, special purpose vehicle or any mobile power system. Trust in the PERLA NERA Series to uphold the promise of reliability and performance in every adventure.

The Power of Freedom and Customisation

Designed with ingenuity, the PERLA NERA Series power inverter brings you seamless interactive control with your mobile power system. Featuring advanced CANbus technology, tailor the AC output requirement and battery system settings as per your desires. Enjoy the complete freedom of choice when it comes to battery charging equipment.

Unmatched Features for Professional Applications

Engineered for professionals and semi-professionals alike, the PERLA NERA Series boasts a heavy-duty design that exceeds expectations. Experience the full capacity even at temperatures up to 50°C, with sine wave output safeguarding sensitive equipment from failures and damage.

Effortless Power Switching

Be amazed by the high peak capacity of the PERLA NERA Series, ensuring seamless switching on of complex and heavy loads. Revel in the convenience of worldwide outlet compatibility, making it a perfect fit for mobile applications across the globe.

Unlock the Future of Energy Storage

Elevate your power experience with the PERLA NERA Series, the epitome of luxury and advanced technology. At PowerLuxe we invite you to embrace the limitless potential of our unparalleled inverter, redefining the standards of energy storage solutions.


Take the leap into a new ear of power and sophistication. Discover the art of seamless performance with the PERLA NERA Series by PowerLuxe.


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Special Purpose Vehicle

Any Mobile Power System

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Convenience and Sophistication

Access you PowerLuxe system, whenever, wherever.

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