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Unmatched energy journey with CANbus.


A majestic Innovation by PowerLuxe. Enter a realm of dependability and boundless power with the remarkable LuxeVolta. A superb inverter that defies limits and offers flawless performance. At PowerLuxe, we proudly introduce a state-of-the-art solution for your energy storage requirements.

How it works

Seamless Energy Solutions

Designed for limited-space installations, LuxeVolta seamlessly fits compact spaces in camper van conversions, marine and more. Our commitments to excellence brings together high efficiency, anti-surge technology, multi-stage charging, and an anti-switch feature between AC and DC systems.

Connectivity Beyond Compare

LuxeVolta boasts CANBUS communication integration, elevating the game of monitoring and interactive control. With the prowess of CANBUS

Engineering Excellence

By utilising CANBUS technology, access the "engineering mode" and customise inverter parameters to tailor your power solution to specific applications.

Exceptional Features


CANBUS communication for unmatched connectivity

Low THD for stable operation of sensitive loads

Max. 75A charge current for diverse battery types

Extra 3A charger for start battery optimisation

Battery temperature compensation for varying environments

Ultra-low idle consumption, conserving energy

Low frequency technology for inductive loads

Auto charge with qualified AC input, no manual activation needed






Special Purpose Vehicle

Any Mobile Power System

Texting on Mobile Phone

Convenience and Sophistication

Access you PowerLuxe system, whenever, wherever.

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