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A symphony of innovation and performance.


We are thrilled to present our masterpiece, LuxeCharge - a cutting edge collection that redefines the art of power management. Designed with meticulous precision our DC/DC and MPPT charging modes, LuxeCharge delivers a symphony of unmatched efficiency and sophistication.

How it works

Unveiling the Power of Versatility

LuxeCharge supports a wide range of battery types, including AGM, Gel, Flooded, and lithium, offering versatility and adaptability to suit your unique power needs. With our built-in smart chip, LuxeCharge conducts real-time self-checking of input voltage during the charging process, expertly adjusting charger load for seamless optimisation.

The Pinnacle of Intelligence

At the heart of the LuxeCharge lies an intelligent temperature control system, where sophistication meets safety. Continuous monitoring of internal and external temperatures ensures a secure charging experience. When abnormal temperatures are detected, LuxeCharge takes proactive measures, automatically reducing the load to minimise risks and mitigate potential hazards.

Uncompromising Quality

PowerLuxe takes pride in a rigorous material selection process, combining it with advanced production technology to deliver a product that surpasses all expectations. LuxeCharge is engineered with excellence , providing exceptional shockproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion properties to withstand the most demanding environments.

Indulge in the Experience 

Embrace the harmony of innovation and performance with LuxeCharge, where luxury and efficiency intertwine seamlessly. From marine ventures to off-grid escapes, let LuxeCharge orchestrate the symphony of power you desire.

If Ignition Not Used - DO NOT Connect The ACC

If Ignition Used - Connect The ACC

CH1: House Battery, House Battery Channel

CH2: Solar Array, PV Input Channel

CH3: Star Battery, Original Vehicle Battery Input Channel






Special Purpose Vehicle

Any Mobile Power System

Texting on Mobile Phone

Convenience and Sophistication

Access you LuxeCharge, whenever, wherever.

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