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With the Combi Hybrid model, we can offer a combination of electric and fuel- powered sources. Boat owners can benefit from a clean, powerful and silent motor with their hybrid electric propulsion motor combined with the old thrusted engine that they are common with. When you work with your combustion motor, the electric motor works as a generator to charge the battery pack. Hybrid boating is a combination of two types of drive systems; a quiet electric motor for peaceful cruising and a more powerful combustion motor to get you home in rough seas.


Extremely Quiet

Electric sailing is quiet and due to the lack of vibration of a combustion engine it is also wonderfully comfortable.

Suitable For Every Boat

Do you have an existing boat with an internal combustion engine? We can connect the systems with virtually any motor or propeller shaft.

Compact and Practical

Their systems are constructed so all components are used in a motor housing. You only need to connect the power cables. The motor foundation is prepared so it is easy to install.

Cost Saving

Electric Sailing is saving at different costs and at the same time being environmentally friendly. No high fuel costs, no high maintenance costs and a longer lifespan.

Voltage (Vdc)
Power (W)
Round per Minute (RPM)
Nom. Current (A)
Weight (Kg)



The Combi Hybrid is a compact and water-cooled electric motor, which can be used both as a drive and as a generator. The motor is so wrapped that it is in both modes effectively handles the voltage / revs for high efficiency.

Their Hybrid motors are easy to install, all models are plug and play. By means of a matching bracket and tensioner you can simply build this engine onto your existing internal combustion engine.

Compact Design

Combi have taken into account there is usually very little space in an engine room. Cooling the engine with water keeps it small and compact, yet it still has a lot of power.

Maintenance Free

The Combi Hybrid is a brushless motor and is therefore maintenance-free. Furthermore, we only use top quality parts that make the product virtually maintenance free.

Generator Function

The Combi Hybrid can run at the same speed as a combustion engine. Whilst the engine is running, the Combi Hybrid coverts the power it generates into energy for the battery pack.

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