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BlueNav JRMarine

Blue Spin Inhull Retractable

BlueSpin Inhull is a retractable electric propulsion and hydrogeneration solution for sailboats. This electric propulsion arrangement can be built onto new or existing boats. BlueSpin is vertically retractable and rotating.

Manoeuvers are made easier by the possibility of directing the thrust’s orientation. BlueSpin’s integration allows silent sailing at low speed.


  • Clean and silent sailing allowed by electric propulsion

  • Reduced noise nuisance, air and water pollution

  • Ease of maneuvers

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Hydrogeneration

BlueNav inhull
BlueNav Inhull Shadow

360° Electric Thrust

Retractable Turbine


Smart Energy Control (HMI)

Standard Socket Charging (230v)

Low Maintenance

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