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Blue Spin Outboard

BlueSpin Outboard is designed to attach to the transom of the vessel and requires no structural modifications. Simply pressing a button allows switching between propulsion modes, to choose silence or speed. BlueSpin maintains simultaneously the advantages of high-speed cruising allowed by thermal engines and of clean and silent navigation allowed by electric motors, as well as being vertically retractable and rotating.

BlueNav Outboard_Shadow
BlueSpin Retractable motor — Solution Overview

BlueSpin Retractable motor — Solution Overview

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  • High speed sailing allowed by combustion engine

  • Clean and silent sailing allowed by electric propulsion

  • Reduced noise nuisance, air and water pollution

  • No modification to the boat’s structure

  • Ease of maneuvers

  • Low maintenance cost

BlueNav Outboard-01

360° Electric Thrust

Retractable Turbine


Smart Energy Control (HMI)

Standard Socket Charging (230v)

Low Maintenance

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